Inspiration - We Can !

March 2017. Rising Day Parade is underway at the Border Security Force Academy in Gwalior. Tanushree is the first woman to come into the army in the rank of Assistant Commandant. She is the officer of a two and a half million armed forces. Tanushree performs the drug mafia elimination responsibilities. She brings awareness to girls as an ambassador for the 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' program.

Tanushree Rajasthan girl made BTEech Electronics, Communications in Government Engineering College, Bikaner. There is a good reason why she is not in the red carpet of the software sector and that she is entering the Armed Forces. She is an NCC cadet. Firing, horse riding, piloting, and camping. That's why he's interested in the defense and the craze on the uniform.
Tanushree took up the task of eradicating an anesthetic mafia in the state of Punjab. The situation toured the border villages to assess the severity of the situation. There is no difference between males, older people, babies, women and girls are also addicted to drugs.  It is a battleground in Border Security, which does not differ from the time of peace. Be constantly alert. Kashmir, Gujarat, Punjab ... Everywhere you have to fight with each issue.

"Do not kill the babies in the womb, come to life on earth. Do not be discriminated against them and do the benefits, "said a security official without telling the big stars. 
Tanushree  is the only thing to tell the girl's parents ... "Grow girls and boys equally. The idea that both are equal is to start with home. Only then do not fear the abuse. If the girl is brave, the boys are afraid to harass her. If you are able to find the confidence that the girls are not less than anything. Their thoughts and ambitions are on top of that.

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