Inspiration - Homai Vyarawalla ? First Lady of the Lens.

As she had the support of her liberal parents, she did not have to face many obstacles with her choice, be it her love life or her career. The 1930s' India, in the wake of World War II, was the first background of Homai's photojournalism. She started working with a magazine named 'The Illustrated Weekly of India.' Many of her works with this magazine became famous photographs later. However, she still did not gain her fame as her photographs were often published under her husband's name who was a photographer for the Times of India.

In between the year of 1940-1942, Homai started earning her own name . She has many photographs of famous politicians under her name. Reportedly, her favorite subject was Jawaharlal Nehru. Most of her photographs were published under a pseudonym, 'Dalda 13'.

Her photography career took a huge turn after her husband died in 1969. She moved in with her son Farouq and started living in Pilani. She left her photography career forever.
Later she gave all her works to Alkazi Foundation. In 2010, Homai received First National Photo Award for Lifetime Achievement. And in the year of 2011, she was awarded Padma Vibhushan. She passed away on 15th January 2012 due to several breathing complications at the age of 98.

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