Live interview and question answer session with Shivkrupanand Swamiji at All India Radio Panaji

Live interview and question answer session presented at All India Radio Panaji(Goa) in FM Rainbow channel(105.4MHz) at 0630pm on 18 December 2018 by His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swamiji of Samarpan Dyan (Navsari,Dhandi,Gujrat) on Managing Life Through Samarpan Mediation His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swami has introduced a unique technique of meditation 'Samarpan Dhyanyog' (Samarpan Mediation) for all mankind.His Holiness Swamiji descended o society from the Himalayan Mountains with a pure wish to help everyone connect with the Divine Universal Consciousness and experience it.Since early childhood, Swamiji was curious about the existence and nature of Consciousness or God. Questioning the followers of various religions which he saw around him, he sought to know and find this knowledge.

This search continued throughout his early life, wherein three visions regularly came to him during meditation. One was of the Pashupatinath temple in Nepal, the second was of a tall fair-haired ascetic and the third was of a little temple set on a small hill. Swamiji lived a normal life, completed a Master's degree in Business Studies and began to work as a Marketing Manager for a large company in Calcutta. Then one day, his work took him to the North of India where an unexpected bank strike interrupted his business activities. So he decided to fulfill his long held desire to visit Kathmandu. Swamiji was simply amazed since he had only just decided to travel to Nepal on 'the spur of the moment'. However, he seemed to be drawn by an unseen force to follow this man to a small village in the mountains. On arriving at the village, he was made to sit on a large stone and wait. At sunset, a tall fair-haired ascetic came out of a nearby cave and approached him. To Swamiji's utter amazement, this ascetic named Shivbaba, was, the same ascetic who used to visit him every day in meditation. 

There in the Himalayas, Swamiji meditated with Gurus, Siddhas, Rishis, Munis, Kaiwalya Kumbhak Yogis, Buddhist monks and Saints, Jain Munis, and also with the Higher Gurus who exist there and who do not require the ordinary realms of verbal language and communicate through the language of vibrations through meditation. There in the Himalayas He found complete knowledge and enlightenment. Having reached enlightenment and merging fully with the Universal Consciousness, yet remaining in the physical body, Swamiji chose not to isolate himself from society as many beings who reach that level do. Instead, he came back into society as 'a pipe', a channel, a means through which anyone who chooses to can experience and connect with the Universal Consciousness. 
The Vision 
His Holiness Swamiji has a vision that people all over the world should be joined together by the bonds of love like a Universal Family and that every human being should be satisfied, healthy, honest and happy and should experience a sense of completeness. Many Divine Souls are waiting eagerly to be born on earth in the days to come. They should get worthy parents and thus enabling all mankind to move towards a spiritual revolution and create a golden world where the river of joy, peace and love flows. It is with this pure desire that Swamiji distributes his priceless knowledge of vibrations to everyone without any expectation - generously and free of charge .His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swamiji has conducted several 8-day Mahashibirs (Mega Meditation camps) at different places in India, delivering discourses which included an introduction to Meditation followed by seven days' discourses on each of the seven chakras. Tremendous flow of divine energy was felt during these camps.

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