???????? ??????????? : Remembering Shri Anant Waghdhare, Motor Driver, AIR Ratnagiri on his 1st death anniversary.

Shri Anant Waghdhare, Motor Driver, AIR Ratnagiri had expired on 28th December 2017, one years back leaving behind wife, one daughter and son. He was of 58 years. He was calm, honest, soft spoken and well behaved with everyone and will always be remembered by family members for these qualities.

PB volunteers had talked to his son Abhijeet who is presently a job holder and living a married life. His daughter is also living a happy married life. Along with the whole family members, Abhijeet's daughter (grand daughter of Lt.Waghdhare) misses him too much. Abhijeet was too happy when he got a call from PB parivar and told us that he got a call from AIR Ratnagiri too.

Any Parivar members who wishes to talk or to contact his family members can contact his Son Abhijeet on Mobile No. 9421156888 and convey their rememberance to the family members and give them strength.

At PB parivar, we feel that our family bonding shall remain alive even after unfortunate demise of our colleagues and we shall try to stand with the families of our such friends and shall try to provide help and strength to them. We call upon all PB parivar members and volunteers to keep working in this direction and make us a true Family... 

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