Shri Koragappa, MTS, Akashvani Mangalore retires from service on 31/12/2018.

Shri Koragappa, MTS who has served Akashvani Mangalore more than 39 years will be retiring from service on 31/12/2018. He has the qualities of a leader standing with the Deprived in troubled times. Shri Ramesh chandran felicitated him in a get together of engineers recreation club of AIR Mangalore arranged by Shri Manojkumar Poojari , Revathi Praveen and other staff in presence of other members of staff including Sri Vinodkumar Koroth from AIR Brahmavar. 

Prasar Bharati Parivar wishes him a very happy, healthy, peaceful and contended retired life.

Information about other retiring officers (of all grades and disciplines) may be added on the blog. Please mail details of retiring friends from your station to .Retiring friends may also like to address their friends through this blog for which they can send their photo & write-ups to for possible upload on the blog.

Source:-Facebook account of Akashvani Mangalore.

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